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Entirely made of stainless steel, the C Series solid ice cube makers from Kastel are a premium product and incorporate all the latest technology to ensure the highest efficiency and a long service life.

The ice is produced by spraying water on a horizontally mounted copper evaporator which freezes and forms high density, crystal clear ice cubes.

Purer than the water from which they are made, solid crystal clear cubes are the best option for all those situations where we need to keep drinks cool for a long period of time without watering them down.

UNDERCOUNTER: These small ‘universal’ machines are perfect for all uses from residential to commercial, for the low daily consumption of ice. Production can be controlled by an electronic board or a mechanical timer reducing the costs of maintenance.

External parts of the housing can be easily removed for fast servicing, door can be easily removed for the quick cleaning of internal parts. Both models are made for ‘tropical’ use and can even produce ice at room temperatures of 43˚C and water temperatures of 38˚C.

C20 C30
Control System
Cooling System
Air / Water Cooled
Air / Water Cooled
Ice Production in 24 Hours
20kg Up to 1176 cubes
30kg Up to 1764 cubes
Ice Production per cycle
24 cubes
28 cubes
Storage Capacity
6 kg
10 kg
Voltage Standard
220-240V – 50Hz
220-240V – 50Hz
Power Consumption
450 W
500 W
Type of Refrigerant
R 452 A
R 452 A
Dimensions (W x D x H)
365 x 495 x 600 mm
365 x 495 x 690 mm
+ 0-10 mm
+ 0-10 mm
Net Weight
32 kg
34 kg
Packing Dimensions
420 x 560 x 770 mm
420 x 560 x 860 mm
Gross Weight
36 kg
38 kg

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