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Ice Machine installation

The correct installation will help the production of your ice machine. We will provide a generic set of instructions for the installation of the Ice Machine Solutions range of ice makers. Installation may vary according to the type of ice machine that you acquire as well as the power requirements and the product dimensions for each individual product. Refer to the requirements for your particular product.


As ice machines come in both self contained models and also those with a seperate head and bin combinations, be sure that all the components will fit both in the site where they are going and also can get to the installation space through the neccesary doors and hallways etc.


  • Locate the ice machine in an area where the ambient temperature stays between 10 degrees celcius and 35 degrees celcius

  • Do not install the ice machine inside a cool room or in an environment which may chill the surrounding air as this may slow ice production.

  • Do not install the ice machine in a cupboard or enclosed space.

  • After installation, leave adequate clearance for ventilation and servicing if neccesary.

Power and Water Requirements

  • Electrical, drainage and water connections should be within 1.2 metre of the ice machine. these connections should meet local, state and national codes and be made by qualified persons.

  • If neccesary provide a seperate fuse/circuit breaker for the ice machine. If you require further information please call ice machine solutions and consult the manual with the ice machine.

  • The water pressure required for the operation of the ice machines is between 0.1mpa – 0.6mpa.

  • Fit a suitable water filter if required – Ice Machine Solutions will be able to assist in a water filter assembly for your ice maker.